It was the 3rd of August, 2011 when my life completely turned inside-out and upside-down. I could have never imagined the course of events that ensued, nor would I ever be able to fictionalize such a completely devastating and bizarre event.

For those of you who don't know me well or at all, I'd like to give you the real picture of who and what I am - starting with my history and how I got started tending to the animals. The following is a synopsis of each subject:

  • My History: Describes my ventures with horses, birds, and rescue animals.
  • The Birds: Describes the birds I've bred, the awards I've won and how I interacted with the purloined birds.
  • The Animals: Describes my horses and riding them, my rescue cats, bunnies, geese, and chickens. Some very poignant moments within.
  • The Raid: My account of the unwarranted raid and seizure of my animals, why it happened, and why it shouldn't have happened.
  • Aftermath: How it's affected me and the players involved.
  • Other Raids: Links to similar raids that also were unwarranted.
  • Resources: Useful links to helpful organizations.

If you are a one-pet bird owner, a hobbyist bird breeder, or a large commercial breeder, be very aware that there are entities that are succeeding with their "NO-PET, NO-CAGE" agenda. They are against anyone keeping any kind of animal for a pet. ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS include PETA, H$U$, ARC and ALDF to name a few. As the old cliché goes, "follow the money" to find out the source of funding for these activities that prey on the most vulnerable people and businesses. Then follow the links above to fill in the blanks and to abrogate the lies and deception.

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